Terri Michels photographer author speaker

Speaking to Adults

Research is Key
In this presentation, author Terri Michels shows you how to take up the challenge to gather ideas, conduct interviews, research, sift through all the information, and, finally, craft the material into a creative, fun-to-read, yet informative book or magazine article. She will share some of the interesting back stories that went into making her books, always making time for her favorite part of the presentation … Q&A.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell
In this presentation, author Terri Michels will help jumpstart your storytelling journey. Together with Terri, you will explore how to gather your ideas, tell your tales, and record your adventures. You’ll learn how to ask questions and listen to the answer. You’ll define what makes a good story. If your goal is to be published, you’ll learn how and where to peddle your treasures.

The Ellis Island Experience
Terri Michels and her audience explore the Ellis Island experience of sights, sounds, and smells. Audience members participate in showing how immigrants were marked after their medical inspection, what the new arrivals carried in their suitcases, and why they brought what they did. A PowerPoint of historical to modern-day photos draws the audience into the feeling of “you are there.” Terri will shares her grandfather’s experiences of Ellis Island when he was a six-year-old along with research for her nonfiction book, Ellis Island.

The Author Who Hasn’t Sold a Book Yet
A brother-and-sister team, Jeff Longenecker and Terri Michels believe an author is someone who writes, not necessarily someone who has books for sale in a bookstore. Jeff reads from his yet-to-be-published Betsy McBoo series and Terri shares her yet-to-be-sold picture books. They share how they began writing, where they get their ideas, and how they produced the book they created. Jeff has 30 years of teaching experience and presently works for a nonprofit in Duluth, MN. Terri is an author of Simon of Cyrene and the Legend of the Easter Egg and over 60 nonfiction books, all work-for-hire projects. Sharing from their life experiences, Jeff and Terri encourage the audience to write and tell their own stories, knowing that each person is unique and everyone has a story to tell.

Teachers’ Workshop
An author and a teacher team up to share creative ideas for motivating children to write with passion. Jeff Longenecker is a teacher with more than 30 years of experience and Terri Michels has authored more than 60 nonfiction books for children. They will share practical ideas on mapping, patterning, and webbing, along with hands-on activities. You’ll leave the workshop eager to try out new ideas with your students.