Terri Michels photographer author speaker

Speaking to Young People

My favorite days are spent speaking with students in elementary and middle schools* about research, writing, and history. My workshops are adaptable to your curriculum needs.

My one-day fee is $1,000 for three workshops (multiple-day visits negotiable). For trips more than 50 miles from author’s home, host pays transportation at the 2021 mileage rate, hotel, and meals. Up to three one-hour sessions with 10-minute break between presentations. Luncheon with small group of students is an option.

* My workshops can be geared for either public schools or private schools. In faith-based schools, I freely share my faith and belief in Jesus Christ. I share how we each have God-given talents and strengths and how we can share these gifts with those around us. 

“Terri has been a guest in my kindergarten summer school classroom several times. She works extremely well with the children, carefully choosing her books, ensuring important teachable moments occur. Terri is a fabulous listener and patiently answers student questions, making all children feel included and important. Her passion for her work is evident. I look forward to the next time I can invite Terri back into my classroom!”

—Maggie Weideman, 5th Grade Teacher, Alice Smith Elementary, Hopkins School District